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Special and Local Tenders


A procurement process that takes place via the tenders committee through publishing a tender in the local press. 

The terms relevant to the bidder receiving a local or special tender invitation are as follows:
  1. Providing a valid vocational license
  2. Providing a copy of the commercial register
  3. Paying the tender invitation fees
Supporting documents for tender invitations:
  1. Tenders’ Regulations No.1 for the year 2008, and their following amendments. 
  2. Bill of Quantities
  3. Tender Summary
  4. Bid Bond 
  5. Performance Bond 
  6. Maintenance Bond 
  7. Personal Declaration 
  8. Declaration on behalf of H.E Secretary General 
For inquiries regarding any purchasing tender, kindly contact the Committees Secretary

Mobile 0799062834 / Direct 4621363

Land line - ministry 0096264636321
Fax 0096264611826
Email lafi.r@mof.gov.jo
Address Al-Abdali- King Hussein Street – First floor

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