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H.E. The Secretary General Dr. Abdelhakim  Shibli

Dr. Abdelhakim Shibli was born on February 06, 1966, Dr. Shibli holds a Ph.D. in Economics specializing in macroeconomics and fiscal policy, from Leeds University Business School\ UK. Dr. Shibli is married and has three children (two boys and one daughter).

Dr. Shibli started his professional path at the Central Bank of Jordan as an economist for the period 1991-2004. In 2002 worked also as a part-time lecturer in the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Jordan, Department of Economics. Dr. Shibli then moved to the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation for the period 2004 - 2007 as an economic advisor to oversee a comprehensive risk analysis system that anticipate future economic risk and recommend mitigation policies. Dr. Shibli was seconded to work at the Prime Ministry for the period 2007 to 2010, as an economist at the Millennium Challenge Unit, then moved to the Ministry of Finance to chair the Directorate of Studies and Economic Policies as a Director for the period 2010-2018.

Dr. Shibli's appointment as the Secretary General of Ministry of Finance was upon the Royal Decree on 30/4/2018. Before then, H.E took part in the several Governmental committees, worked as core economic team at Ministry of Finance and on IMF program, the World Bank and the Arab Monetary Fund. Dr. Shibli Main works in the economic and financial policy formulation and the implementation of important national and international programs such as the Economic and Social Reform initiative, the Financial Reform Program, the Modernization of Financial Management and the Revision Program with the IMF.

Dr. Shibli represented the Ministry of Finance in several institutions and companies in which the Government of Jordan have shares as a board member of directors, official committees.

Books, research and publications:

The Monetary Policy Transition, LAP Publishing 2011.

  • A collection of papers on financial policy topics (Ministry of Finance),
  • Macroeconomic Constraints and Risks, the Competitiveness of the Jordanian Banking System
  • Local Investments, Interest Rates and Finance (Journal of Studies / University of Jordan). (Strategic Studies / University of Jordan),
  • Demand for Money in its Expanded Concept (Strategic Studies / University of Jordan)
  • Banks Responses to Central Bank Signs on Interest Rates (Central Bank of Jordan).

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