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The Governorates Finance Directorate
  1. Supervising the work of financial centers within the governorates.
  2. Collecting and recording revenues at the governorate level, and depositing collected revenues at authorized banks in a timely manner.
  3. Receiving trusts from accountants at departments and official institutions in the governorate, then recording them and settling the accounts of refundable trusts.
  4. Providing technical supports to assessment committees and municipal collection offices at directorates that collect lands and buildings tax within the governorate’s municipal borders.
  5. Disbursement of directorates related expenditures.
  6. Handling the necessary financial registers needed to organize the directorate’s work.
  7. Preparing and organizing periodic financial reports and monthly account summaries.
  8. Collecting public funds within the governorate and handling registers that are in parallel with the registers of the legal affairs and public funds directorate.
  9. Monitoring the affairs of military and civil retirees within the governorate.
  10.  Monitoring the commitment of local councils to collecting revenues for the treasury and other official institutions, then transferring the amounts collected to the governorate finance directorate and relevant financial centers.
  11. Providing The Capital Governorate Finance Directorate with annual plans so that they are incorporated in the directorate’s annual report.
  12. Issuing licenses of profession for industrial and commercial entities outside municipal borders.
  13. Represent the ministry at the governorates’ executive councils by the managers of Financial Centers.
  14. Carrying out periodic financial and accounting audits in all departments, government institutions, and their directorates in the region.
  15. Carrying out other tasks as assigned by related references.

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