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The Internal Control

  1. Testing, verifying, and assessing all activities in relation to the soundness and correctness of the financial and accounting transactions, the technical aspects, the work procedures, as well as human and material production elements.
  2. Testing and ensuring that assets, properties, and different production elements have been owned, purchased, and utilized according to adopted standards.
  3. Verifying and ensuring that revenues have been collected in time and was documented in registers duly.
  4. Verifying, ensuring, and working on the provision of all possible means to achieve the safety of employed production elements then maintaining and protecting them.
  5. Verifying that production elements and work procedures are completed in accordance with set legislations.
  6. Monitoring the performance of all work fields.
  7. Verifying and ensuring that the General Budget Law and financial legislations are implemented when monitoring the disbursement procedures.
  8. Verifying the accuracy of registers, vouchers and supporting documents.
  9. Assessing administrative decisions and ensuring that they are in line with set legislations.
  10. Requesting data and information within the framework of tasks and duties.
  11. Recommending the cancellation and amendment of all that might hinders effective performance and control.
  12. Participating in the preparation of standards and control manuals relevant to the required control procedures at the directorate.
  13. Reporting on monthly performance, in addition to reporting according to needs and requests.
  14. Participating in the work of different committees as required by the nature of work.

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