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Public Finance

Exemption from Public Funds


  • Private institutions.
  • Citizens.
  • Investor.

 Required Documents

An official request from applicant for exemption.

Average time needed to complete this service

One week.

Requested Fees


Place of Service Provision

At the center: The Legal Affairs and Public Funds Directorate, Exemptions Committee.

Other authorities participating in the completion of this service

  1. The related Government Departments.
  2. The Minister of Finance.
  3. The Cabinet.

Work Procedures

  1. Receiving the exemption request by the directorate.
  2. Transferring the request to the secretary of the exemption committee.
  3. Present the topic to the exemption committee.
  4. Sending the proper recommendation to the Minister and Secretary General for approval.
  5. Sending recommendations to the proper reference at the ministry.
  6. Prepare an official letter to the related party in the case of refusal.
  7. Prepare an official letter to the Cabinet in the case of approval.
  8. Communicate the final result to the requester.

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