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The Secretary General

H.E. THE Secretary General / Dr. Ezzedine Kanakrieh

 Dr. Ezzeddin Kanakrieh was born on September 13, 1960 Dr. Kanakrieh received his BSc. in Economics from Yarmouk University in Irbid in 1984 and obtained his MSc. in Finance and Accounting from the Arab Academy for Financial and Banking Sciences in 1997.  He received his PhD in Finance from Amman Arab University in 2010. Dr. Kanakieh is married and has five children (three boys and two girls).

Dr. Kanakrieh started his career in the Jordan Armed Forces as an accountant (1984-1986) and then moved to the Ministry of Finance (1986-1993) assumed several duties.  These ranged from a Financial Analyst for Public Treasury and Expenditures Accounts, to Accountant and Analyst for the Energy Sector and raw fuel at the Cash Management Directorate at MoF, to Head of the Credit & Energy Division at Cash Management Directorate (1993 - 2000), Director of the Cash Management Directorate (2001 - 2005) and Assistant Secretary General Assistant for Financial Affairs in MoF (2005 - 2007).

He was appointed by a Royal Decree as a Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance and worked on important economic and financial policies files in the Ministry of Finance locally and internationally with the International Monetary Fund and the Arab Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Dr. Kanakrieh has clear imprint by the establishment of the training center of the Ministry of Finance which is responsible for the training of the government staff as qualified accountants at the level of the public sector within the highest principles and international standards, and that was during the period (2007) to the end of March (2012).

Dr. Kanakrieh moved to work as a Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department in March 2012 and chose to leave the governmental work for full-time academic teaching in Jordanian universities and the publishing of studies, researches in local official economic and financial newspaper. He was appointed as a Commissioner to the Jordan Securities Commission for the period from September 2012 to June 2014. Again Dr. Kanakrieh was appointed as Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance for the second time in June 5, 2014 to date.

Dr. Kanakrieh represented the  Ministry of Finance in boards of directors of many institutions and companies in which the government contributes in and official committees and participated mainly in the draw of economic and financial policies and implementation of important programs on the national and international level as the  economic and social correction program  and Fiscal Reform project and Modernization of financial management the Economic Review program with the International Monetary Fund. Dr. Kanakrieh has a major contribution to the leadership of institutions he worked in, where the Ministry of Finance during his work as Secretary General received, King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance in 2008 also the Securities Commission received during his time as Secretary General and a Commissioner of the Securities Commission the “Seal of Excellence” within the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in 2013.

Honors and awards

- In 2007, Dr. Kanakrieh received the Medal of Independence of the Second Order for Excellence in Business Performance.