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Malhas: A Phased application of Financial Decentralization Ensures Optimal Public Services to Citizens
3/1/2018 9:42:00 AM

Finance Minister Omar Malhas sponsored on Wednesday a conference entitled "Financial Decentralization - Reality and Aspirations 2018" organized by the Ministry in cooperation with the Public Finance Reform and Management Project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to highlight the achievements made in the field of financial decentralization.


The conference, which was attended by representatives of the concerned ministries and municipal councils from all governorates, reviewed the financial decentralization action plan. The plan aims at expanding the responsibilities of the governorates, increase citizens' participation, enable them to prioritize, and promote justice and effective distribution of development gains throughout the Kingdom.

In his opening speech, Minister of Finance stressed that the governorates should be assisted in developing their capacity to collect and analyze data and information for use in the preparation of policies, plans and strategies and to help them increase their financial and supervisory capacity to be able to plan and implement their development programs and activities.

Malhas: "Financial decentralization will be implemented in a planned and phased manner over several years to ensure that there is no confusion or disruption in the allocation and implementation of budgets and the provision of public services to citizens".

He commended the government agencies working in financial decentralization for their achievements, while expressing his thanks to the US government for supporting efforts to promote good governance and improve the quality of life of citizens by improving the services provided to them throughout the Kingdom.

For his part, Minister of Interior Samir Al-Mubaidain affirmed that the kingdom is committed to the success of this experiment (Decentralization) in accordance with the objectives of the decentralization project, which aims at achieving comprehensive development and responding to the needs and requirements of the governorates.

He added that this institutionalization enables provincial councils and elected municipal councils to work in harmony with the executive boards and the local and municipal councils to determine priorities, develop development and investment plans, progress in capital projects and improve the services provided to citizens.

The representative of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) underscored the agency's commitment to close cooperation to enable the Jordanian government to overcome the existing challenges, noting that the government's approach to decentralization is well thought out and promising.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Ezzedine Kanakriah, Director General of the General Budget Department, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hazaima presented the measures implemented in the field of financial decentralization and the challenges facing the implementation process and the proposed action plans in the coming years to expand the application of the decentralization approach.

The conference concluded with a discussion session attended by the general secretaries of the ministries concerned with the implementation of decentralization, in which they answered the questions of the audience and their observations in order to strengthen and consolidate the concept of decentralization in Jordan.