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Ministry of Finance: IMF Delegation on a Regular Visit to the Kingdom
9/11/2017 3:58:31 PM

A delegation from The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will visit Jordan early next week as part of its regular visits to the kingdom, as part of the international visits and performance review of the national economy that will last for one week, the finance ministry said.

The ministry said in a statement issued yesterday that this visit constitutes a part of the signed program with the IMF in order to see the financial and economic indicators within the program of Extended Facility Fund (EFF), and to discuss other procedures related to the program.

In addition to officials from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Jordan, the delegation is scheduled to meet with a number of stakeholders from ministries and entities related to the implementation of the program. Discussions will focus on the performance of public finances and structural reforms.

It's Worth mentioning that the government had successfully completed its first review in June as part of the IMF's financial and economic reform program.