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Minister of Finance: Twinning with the EU constitutes a model case of partnership
5/24/2017 7:56:46 PM

Minister of Finance Omar Malhas said that the twinning between the Department of Land and Survey and the European Union Is considered a model case of real partnership that reflects positively on work achievement and overcoming obstacles, especially with regard to reducing the differences between the reality and the Cadastral maps in Jordan.

In a speech that was delivered on Minister's behalf, Director General of the Department of Lands and Survey Eng. Moin Al Sayegh stressed, during the ceremony marking the end of the twinning between the Land Department and the European Union, the strength of the Jordanian-European relations and expressed his thanks to the Union for the tangible achievements of twinning.

He also said: "This twinning is an ideal model for a professional case of partnership that we hope will be mirrored in other projects, especially with the technical and technological openness state that the world is witnessing".

He stressed that the partnership, which lasted through 2015-2017, reflects institutional cooperation and information exchange between the strategic partners. The project's main outputs were the development and implementation of a joint pilot action plan to increase, improve and enhance the cooperation and information exchange in between.

In turn, Director General of the Department of Land and Survey said that the twinning comes as one of the most fruitful partnerships which showed results on the ground, and helped to rehabilitate the Department staff. This training leads them to pass through critical times in the development of technical processes.

Al Sayegh stressed that this development will be reflected in the work process and in results evaluation, in addition to the capacity building plan that tackles the differences. The project's achieved outputs were (The development and implementation of competency-based training strategy and underlying Competence required by the Department), and (prepare the efficiency standards for each specialty at the department.)

He noted that the comprised 14 key positions, whose competency criteria were developed in preparation for the development of a capacity building strategy.

"We have made significant improvements in cadastral and real estate property rights through two successful twinning projects. Our team, together with an EU team of experts, has worked out solutions to accumulated technical problems for many years," said Sayegh.

In turn, the EU Ambassador in Amman Andrea Matteo Fontana confirmed the continued technical support to Jordan, appreciating the technical assistance provided by the project staff of Jordanian employees who showed seriousness to make this twinning a success.

"The improvement of the public sector information service is a key issue for the economic and social development of the Kingdom", Fontana noted.

Fontana also stressed the EU's efforts to support the needed development along with the   government of Jordan strong commitment.