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Finance Minister emphasizes the importance of coordination and cooperation between the Ministry and the Audit Bureau to oversight public money
1/25/2017 2:00:00 PM

Finance Minister Omar Malhas stressed the importance of continued cooperation and coordination between the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Bureau in oversighting public money. He also pointed out that, under the guidance of the Prime Minister, the government will take appropriate correctional procedures to follow-up the points specified in the Audit's report in all ministries and government departments.


The news release came during the minister signing an agreement with chairman of the Audit Bureau, Dr. Abd Al-Kharabsheh to use part of the Audit Bureau building to be used by the Institute of Finance, which follows the Ministry of Finance.


Malhas gave details of the efforts exerted by Ministry through its departments, especially the Auditing and Inspection directorate, and financial auditors deployed in the ministries and government departments in order to quality assure the financial transactions and in accordance with the enforced regulations and apply the government spending conservation policy. He also pointed out the Ministry of Finance plan to develop a reform program in the field of control of public money that is parallel to ongoing financial reform program pursued by government. Malhas also emphasized the effective financial control role and ability to address the distortions hence reduces the abuse of public money which is one of the most important aspects of the aspired reform objectives.


In turn, the President of the Bureau of Audit, Dr. Kharabsheh confirmed that the bureau   shall exercise its auditing duties professionally to keep the public money and preventing corruption, being abreast of professional developments in various control areas and adhere to international standards of accounting and auditing, stressing that the Ministry of Finance step to search for and address irregularities contained in the Bureau's  report is considered an important step, moving in the right direction, and reinforce the concept of participation  between the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Bureau. He also pointed out that cooperation in the training field between the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Bureau will contribute to the promotion of functional capabilities.


Malhas also pointed out that increased control over public money efficiently require the provision of qualified cadres and that the existence of training devices in each of the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Bureau in one building would reflect positively in providing joint training programs directed to employees in the financial and auditing departments in various ministries and government institutions.


In turn, Secretary General of the ministry, Dr. Iz-edine Kanakriyah explained that the observed points contained in the Audit's report will be reviewed and researched in detail by committees formed for this purpose in cooperation with the Audit Bureau for processing and correction and to ensure they are not repeated, and conduct scientific analysis to show the gaps that led to the emergence of these irregularities, whether legislative, technical, financial, legal, then proposing correctional actions.